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XMission Portal Help/FAQ

Please be sure to report any errors or suggestions to portal@xmission.com .

What is home.xmission.com?

This is XMission's customizable web portal for XMission customers. A "portal" provides access to a broad array of services and information in one place. XMission's portal includes tabs which you can customize with "RSS" or "Atom" feeds showing headlines from other web sites. It also provides XMission-specific channels with information about your account status, quota, email, and bandwidth usage.

What happens when I log in with my XMission username and password?

When you first login to the portal you will be assigned a default layout similar to the page you see when you aren't logged-in. After logging-in you will be able to add, delete, and re-arrange channels and panes. You will also be able to see your account information and edit default site preferences.

What can I do with the portal?

Use the portal to gain access to information from your favorite news, entertainment, and technology web sites, or any other web site that offers their content using the popular RSS or Atom outputs. Also use it to easily view your XMission account status and other XMission-related information.

What are RSS and Atom?

RSS is a format for easily distributing content like news headlines on the Web in "feeds." Wikipedia.org describes it thusly, "RSS simply repackages the content as a list of data items, such as the date of a news story, a summary of the story and a link to it." An "RSS feed" is simply the RSS content from a web site that can be grabbed and displayed elsewhere, like in XMission's portal.
Atom is similar to RSS in that it's based on XML, but uses its own standard to define the fields that make up its information.

What is a channel?

We use the term "channel" to refer to the display of a single RSS or Atom feed or XMission component. For instance, 'Current Weather', or 'Yahoo! Sports'.

How can I change my layout?

Once you login you will see navigation buttons at the top of each channel. Use these to change the position of channels or remove channels. Use your "layout preferences" to add channels or to rearrange panes.

How can I add new channels to the portal?

Go to the 'Submit A Feed' tab and submit the URL for your RSS or Atom feed. Then, use your preferences to add the channel to your layout. If the feed is suitable for all viewers, it will be made available to all users of the portal.

Why does the portal force the use of SSL (https)?

XMission encrypts the portal session with SSL because the portal needs you to login with your XMission username and password since your account information is accessible once you login.


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